Review Policy

All review scores are based on the subjective opinion of the reviewer and in no way are a reflection on any promotions and/or advertisements that may appear on Caiminds. This also applies to receiving review copies. We believe in transparency and mutual trust between us and the creators / distributors to said products. Meaning that showing our honestly regardless of any press kits or free merchandise that we may receive, will not reflect the score on a product that is being sold or even given out for free, to everyday consumers. There may be times where we will be asked to abide by some terms and conditions, such as embargos, but this again will not interfere or alter final scores.

Advertisements and Reviews
There may be times where advertisements will appear alongside the review of the same product, but this is merely coincidental and does not affect our scores/opinions.

Choosing the right Reviewer / Declining reviews

We understand not everyone likes or believes the same things. People for example still believe that Superman could beat Batman. So to ensure all products are given a fair review score, we will not just choose anyone to take on the task to inform you how good or bad that game, movie, toy etc is. Instead we will pair the product with a reviewer who knows the genre or franchise. That way they are able to find everything the fans for that particular genre or franchise will like and dislike. We will try our best to have a rounded group of contributors/staff to the site who will be able to cover most equally and fairly. However, if we feel we are unable to provide that equal and fair review that consumers and creators deserve, we will decline to review that product in the interest of keeping it fair for everyone.

Multiple / Delayed Reviews

In this wonderful world we live in where games and programs are able to be patched and fixed, we feel it justifies another look at. A lot of games nowadays are platforms, where we are sold an uncompleted product, episodic format or online only games. As much as this practice is hated by most fans (including a ton of journalists) it is unfortunately a formula that isn’t going away any time soon. All thanks to the ever expansive nature of technology and internet speeds. So we understand that at these games may not be even work at launch due to various reasons (server overload for example) so if we deem necessary, we will delay our review of the product in it’s current state and release once we have tested all of it’s features. We may also review based on what is released at the time and update our score when improvements are made. Episodic content will be reviewed in pieces.

The Caiminds Review Scale

Our scoring system is not based on any mathematical equations, nor is it an average. Our scores are based on the quality of the product and how the reviewer deems appropriate.

10 – Perfect

Our highest possible score. A must buy. A classic in the making. A masterpiece. If anything is worthy enough to receive this score, then you should go out and buy it immediately. You won’t regret it.

9 – Amazing

We highly recommend you add this to your collection.

8 – Great

It’s got a certain charm to it that will deliver enough to leave lasting impressions.

7 – Good

You won’t regret checking this out but there is still got room for improvement.

6 – Fair

A good enough product to warrant a look at but tread carefully.

5 – Average

Not good not bad. You will be bored but it passes the time enough to excuse a rental.

4 – Poor

Not even worth your time. You will forget every moment of what you have just experienced the second you turn away from it.

3 – Bad

At this point we begin to wonder, was it worth it? Was it worth the time and effort to even release it in the state it’s in?

2 – Awful

Was that Platinum or 1000 Gamerscore worth it? What about that 2 for 1 cinema ticket?

1 – Horrendous

A special kind of bad. So bad that you will either forget it when your done or wish you could forget everything about it.

0 – Disaster

Seconds turn into hours. Hours turn into weeks. Weeks turn into years. We are trying so hard to finish our review but we regretting every moment of it. It truly needs to be something special to receive a score this low.

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