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Fantastic 4 Comics Returning

After a 3 years absence, Marvel’s first family the Fantastic 4 is set to return in August 2018 in monthly installments. Fantastic 4’s cancellation in 2015...

Does Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Suck?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 has received just as much love as the first, but are people too blindsided to see it’s flaws? Does it suck?

Square Enix Announces Avengers Video Game

In what could possibility be the most exciting news to come out in the last decade, Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix have announced a multi-year, multi-game...

Cartoon Clipshow: 79 – Solarman

Solarman is not exactly the brightest super hero ever, as Robthewonderful takes a look at marvel’s shortest lived hero.

Cartoon Clipshow: 77 – The Thing

It’s clobberin’ time as Robthewonderful checks out the 1979 cartoon The Thing.

Wikileaks releases archive of hacked Sony Pictures emails and documents

An archive containing 73,132 emails and 30,287 documents that were stolen as part of the 2014 Sony Pictures hack, have today been released via Wikileaks. Late l...

Star Lord is a loser! But the Children are the Winners!

Wow… what a game! I stayed up until 3:30am… yet no Batman Vs Superman Trailer?! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Super Bow...

Fantastic 4 Reboot Movie Trailer Released

Film goers of Kingsman: The Secret Service were treated with a first look at the new Fantastic 4 Reboot Trailer before anyone else. Now Fox have been kind enoug...

Caiminds Podcast 23 – Female Thor’s Aluminium Nipples?!

Female Thor’s Aluminium Nipples, The number of Spiderman’s is OVER 9000, Rush Hour TV show, all that and more on this week’s episode. This wee...

Caiminds Podcast Episode 1 (09 Nov 2013) – Wounds, Patches and Agents of S.U.C.K.S.

Written by Jamiethecomic, Pinkshuchan, Omni Released 09 Nov 2013 First Ever Caiminds Official Podcast, this week we talk about, the PS4 and Xbox One, death note...

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