Chobits – AB Anime Reviews

Today Hyrule gives you his review of the 2002 sci-fi romance slice of life anime Chobits. Is it any good? Tune in and find out.

Hand Shakers Anime Review – Anime Bugendai

Things are going to get shaken as Hyrule reviews Hand Shakers to start 2018.

Star Wars Episode 8 Gets Offical Title

With less than a year to go until the next big outing in the Star Wars saga, Luaus Arts have taken to their official site among various social media outlets to ...

Star Wars 3 Get an Official Title

Listen up Star Wars fans! The 3 movie in the Star Trek Reboot series has now received an official title. The reboot series has brought many new fans to the Star...

Starship Troopers

Written by Dark Side So, who’s ready to go kill some bugs? If you are, you’re missing the point of the film, dummy. Man, you are so dumb. In Russia,...

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