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Sonic Forces Review

Sonic trips Up… again. Game reviewed on PS4 (Review Code not provided) Also available on Xbox One, Switch, PC The very idea of Sonic Forces has always had me in...

Square Enix Announces Avengers Video Game

In what could possibility be the most exciting news to come out in the last decade, Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix have announced a multi-year, multi-game...

Old Time Hockey Looks Set to Make Hockey Fun Again

With games evolving to look and feel more realistic every day, many developers begin to forget the whole point of Video Games is to be fun. Enter Vancouver base...

Liberty City coming to GTA V!

GTA V is definetly no short of community mods these days, but one in paticular could prove to be the most ambitious yet. The OpenIV team are taking on the task ...

Bloodborne | Pagan Perspective

“Review of Bloodborne found on Caiminds. Can be thrown at social media. Quite thrilling.”

Ace Gamer Episode 5 – Kirby 64

Mike Maverick vs Kirby 64! Will he ace it or fail it…?

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